Another Shocker As Pregnant Lady Breastfeeds Puppy

Just when the world thinks it’s all from seeing the abominable and boom another shocker.

A middle-aged Lady has been spotted in a now-viral video obtained by Naija News as she bre*stfeeds a puppy dog.

This had arisen fears among netizens as the lady clearly seen not been careful in any way for any consequence that may befall her or any kid that subsequently suck the brea*t.

Her action could possibly result in cancer or breast infection etc. And the fact that she sat comfortably and allow someone to video her explains that she lacks self-esteem and morality

Another concern is that a man or child will still unknowingly go on to suckle that bre*st; when will the world rest from been ravaged by a strange virus and all sorts of illness when people like this exist and act in such manner?

Funny enough people around her seem to find it interesting as they all watch and even laughs, speaking in their dialect.

However, I could not at this time ascertain location, which language or tribe she belongs to, but the thing is if she is in Nigeria, then she should be located, interrogated as this could be a health risk to others if she careless of herself.

The tone of their language although and their looks is that of the Indian.

Meanwhile, the whole world is still battling with Coronavirus, COVID-19 which emerged from Wuhan in China.

If possible this lady should be located, arrested even for such an abominable act.

Watch the video below, viewers discretion is strongly advised, please.

Meanwhile, Naija News has reported in another news that a South African man, Tshekedi Pitso has been buried with together with his favourite 1980s E500 Mercedes Benz as his coffin just as he had allegedly requested before his death.

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