The Youth and Students set to change the Political Equation in Nigeria

Nigerian Youth Political Agenda

The place of Good Governance and Purposeful Political Leadership can never be over-emphasized in the pursuit of National Development for any Nation or Economy to grow rapidly. A credible and people oriented Government must be firmly put in place as a prerequisite.

The Youth remains the critical age bracket associated with Strength, Adventure, Vision, Risk and Impulsiveness. This age bracket can either build or destroy a Society depending on its state of Corporate Consciousness or National Orientation.

The Youth constitutes about 70 Percent of the entire Population of Nigeria, and over 80 percent of the Voting Population. About 80 percent of Electoral thuggery, Malpractices and Violence are perpetrated using the Youth as effective tool.

Over the years and through successive Electioneering Seasons, the Youth has been used, abused, deceived and recklessly dumped by Political Gladiators at all tiers of Government and across all major Political Parties.

Politicians have taken advantage of the high rate of Unemployment, biting state of Economic depravity and lack of united leadership to recruit the Youth to fulfill their selfish agenda and satisfy their greed for Power, all to the detriment of the Masses and larger Society.

On a more objective consideration of the matter, it will be discovered that though Unemployment and Financial Poverty are major root causes of this dilemma of the Nigerian Youth, however, the most proximal causes of these woes of the Youth is Poverty of the Mind, coupled with Bankruptcy of Purposeful Leadership.

It is upon this awakening and realization that the National Youth Council of Nigeria, being the Umbrella Body for the Nigerian Youth, also as conscience of  all Youth Organizations in the country, and the statutory Custodian of the dreams and aspirations of Young People across the Federation, has decided to rise up to the challenge and take the Bull by the Horn, by articulating and championing a Common Political Agenda for the Over 80 Million Young Persons of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, spanning between the year 2017 and 2023, with Cardinal Objectives as itemized below:

  1. To first and foremost resolve all leadership issues in NYCN at all levels, and reduce internal crisis to the barest minimum. In same light, all factional and leadership crisis in some of the Socio-Cultural Youth Groups (SCYGs) such as Ohaneze Ndigbo Youth Council, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum and Oduduwa Youth Movement shall be settled, while strengthening them into a more formidable pressure Groups.
  2. To restructure NYCN to further accommodate more Organizations and have more grassroots and community level Structures, outreaches and impact.


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